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Friday, December 13, 2013

Corals produce substance to protect themselves from the heat

Corals produce a foul-smelling chemical that protects them from the increase in the temperature of the oceans and also play a key role in the regulation of their environment, according to a study reported yesterday.

A scientific team discovered, for the first time that an animal organism such as corals produce dimetilsulfoniopropionato (DMSP), which has the characteristic smell of the oceans, according to a statement from the Australian Institute of marine science (AIMS).
"Previously thought that long DMSP concentrations emanating coral reefs came from symbiotic algae", said the head of the investigation, Jean-Baptiste Raina, of the AIMS and James Cook University.
Corals can increase production of this substance when the ocean temperature rises.
This substance and its derivatives act as antioxidants and protect the coral tissues against environmental stress caused by high solar radiation.
The DMSP also creates a kind of clouds or layers around the coral that reflected into the atmosphere rays thus preventing a greater warming of the surface of the sea.

On the other hand, another researcher, Cherie Motti, discovered that corals also produced this smell when you open a container containing sample of these cnidarians.
"They gave me this sample and when I opened the container I felt the smell of the ocean and struck me because I did not expect," said the scientist to the local chain ABC.
Chemistry warned that if subject to the coral to a lot of stressful situations, these not may produce quickly this sulfur compound that protects them against the "bleaching" discoloration by the increase of the water temperature.
If the conditions of the environment become more adverse, the coral will have less chance of surviving.
The great barrier reef in Australia, which houses 400 types of coral, 1,500 species of fish and 4,000 types of mollusks, began to deteriorate in the 1990s by the double impact of the warming of the sea water and the increase in its acidity due to an increased presence of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

It avoids that the cell will dominate your life

Do you often check your phone when you are busy with other things?
I was thinking about that while he spent a season in a country house in Scotland, where there was no internet access or telephone signal.

I counted the number of times that my hand was going to the Pocket where he usually stays my smart phone. At least once per hour.
The relationship between human and computer researchers call these small checks of personal appliances "microinteracciones", which include rapid revisions of email, social networking, apps, and often don't last more than a few seconds.
And if it is disconcerting that check with the phone a Vice has become, there is a particular irony in my case: during the last few months I have been participating in a project to design a "code of conduct" for the use of mobile phones on the Sunshine Coast, Australia.
The code has seven parts and its objective is to prevent that those who managed to find the time to take a vacation, Miss attending your phone.
However, the proposal can help us all: a few rules of etiquette to our age in which the notion of what is socially acceptable has not incorporated tools that are ubiquitous in our lives.
Behold, then, seven rules to a more intelligent use of phones, designed to avoid the technology to steal us experiences.
1 Talk now, send texts later
Or tuitee then. Or send an email. The list goes on.
The idea is simple: by courtesy of the magic screens that we carry in our pockets or wallets, we can do almost anything online, at any time, at any time.
So do it, without limits that protect our time for recreation and pleasure: dinner or dream, vacation or intimate moments.
Us atiborramos of delight and digital obligations, but we forget to enjoy what's in front of us.
2 Take a day off phone
There is an annoying aspect of this challenge: we should not simply learn to control us?
Each device has a button to turn it off. However, we are peculiarly reluctant to use it.
That trend has to its own acronym: FOMO (translated into Spanish would be map, as it comes from "fear of losing is something") and is the modern version of a fear that has traditionally accompanied the social human, fear to be excluded.
How can our resist continuous doses of dopamine which give us those "likes" on the social networks or see someone retuiteo something?
Our minds have a limited capacity for high-quality decision-making and guard it jealously. As says the author Charles Duhigg in his book "The power of habit", from 2012, "most of the decisions we make every day may seem like a well thought out decision making product, but aren't".
Once we decided to keep our mobile phone on and tucked comfortably in the Pocket, we fall into the automatic. Habits are what us has gotten under the skin and become part of us.
Therefore, break the routine and then get your habits to be more visible. Perhaps the best way is to leave the phone on the nightstand all day, or put it in "airplane mode" and enjoy a few happy hours offline.
Or, may require a more extreme method, such as that employs the author Evgeny Morozov, who routinely blocks your digital devices by inserting them into a strong box with a timer.
3. Avoid being a "buscatodo"
In other words, renounce the maps, search engines and web sites of recommendations of both and, and surrender to chance, the unexpected.
If you need to use your phone to explore their environment, use one of the several applications that encourage to make accidental discoveries. Connect your destination to the application "Serendipitor", for example, that will give you instructions to make you go wandering instead of running the place, or even suggestions as "follow the car ahead".
Imagine the number of conversations and encounters never would have happened if each question would have been answered by a person looking at a private screen.
A little lost and spin - both literally and metaphorically - is the perfect way to find new questions that didn't even know that I wanted to ask.
4 Neither elbows nor phones on the table!
Let's talk about the "phubbing": offend others by ignoring them, by paying attention to your mobile phone.
The word has caught the attention of the world thanks to the growing desire to counteract the social consequences of the indiscriminate technological immersion.
Nowhere the discourtesy of the phubbing is more marked than at the table, where probably the idea of good manners. If there is a difference between eating and just eat lime

Your pessimism could be fault of genes

The people who for years have been held pessimistic, negative or having the ability to see the black spot in the middle of the white universe could not to blame.

That is the conclusion reached by a team of scientists that were part Rebecca Todd, University of British Columbia (Canada), and Adam Anderson, Cornell University (United States).
The research found that due to a variation of a gene, some people may perceive more intensely than other negative events, and, likewise, be influenced in the way as perceived, and therefore, live and experience the world.
'Almond' of the matter, says the research, is in the deleted variant of the ADRA2b gene, which complies with a starring role in the formation of emotional memories - according to previous studies and the research-on the perception of the real time.
Scientific work, whose results were published by the journal Psychological Science, involved 200 individuals, who were in direct contact in successive and fast way with positive, negative and neutral words. Individuals with the genetic difference ADRA2b were more likely to perceive and to retain the negative words.
However, it caught the attention of scholars that both groups showed more affinity with the positive words that with neutral words.
Thus, says Professor Todd, "people with the genetic difference were more likely to see and identify faces in a crowd of people angry. "Also, it may be more perceptive to establish potential hazards in the environment, such as dangerous rocks or smooth floors, more than the beauty of the environment".
'There is a gene of negativity'
However the discovery, some scientists unbelievers showed. 'There is a gene for negativity nor will it in the future,' wrote the neuroscientist Ahmad R. Hariri, of Duke University, to be interrogated about the research by The Washington Post. He believes that, instead, thousands of genes and their variations are thousands of possibilities that, by interacting with the environment, are gradually forming behaviors.

The worst that some women use to end up with someone

The breaking process is always uncomfortable and weird no matter what so determined you are.
Some forms to complete are obviously better than others but that does not mean that many girls do not take them into account and make them without thinking about the feelings of others.

With this said, introducing the worst forms to break up with a guy.
Changing your Facebook relationship status: there is nothing wrong to update your social network after you finish with your boyfriend but... and if you have not broken their relationship? This is definitely one of the worst ways to inform your trouser that you're single and no longer... YOUR Heartthrob. It's definitely more impersonal than a text message... and that is also painful.
By text message: really?, do a text message? Now on day we use our cell phones to make virtually everything but end up with your boyfriend should not be so easy or quick. In other words you're saying that what had imported you so much that you even wanted to pick up the phone to tell him. We know that face-to-face confrontation is uncomfortable and painful, but put in place, what would feel if they end up with you in this way?
Avoiding it: ^ ^ avoiding the boy is one of the worst ways to end up with someone; It is cruel and confusing for them, in addition only bring you trouble. Your guy doesn't know why you left answer calls so it will continue to insist until you have a real answer. If you decide to do it this way, you will have to wait several weeks until it finally disappears from your life... and bad form when everything would be easier if you openly tell him how you feel.
Force him to cut with you: is very difficult to be bad ending the relationship, even when you know that it is necessary. And it is that, knowing that you will break the heart someone feels as ugly as the victim. But it is important that you remember that being honest will help you do just that, although it hurts at the beginning. Is for this reason that you should not force the other person to do your work; treat him poorly, be rude and make you hate, will only make you see and feel bad.
Through a friend: ask your friend or one yours to tell him you want to finish with him is so cold and cruel than all previous ones. Obviously desperately seek the answer to all your questions... but you will never get them well. In addition to arruinarĂ¡s a great opportunity to get a beautiful friendship... ever thought about that?
In public: it will seem simple but cut him in public only will make you feel bad and you will regret it soon after. He will do anything to avoid a scene and you feel safer with people on your side, but... is it worth? Because in real life the breaks are emotional and usually end with tears so should first reflect what you're about to do.
With an infidelity: in all, this is the worst form of cutting someone: fooling you. Many girls are infidels to justify the reason why want to end their relationship, but would not realize the damage they cause? Because you are not only cutting it, but you're also doing it in the worst possible way.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Wedding dresses with asymmetrical neckline

The wedding dresses with asymmetrical neckline are a wise choice for any woman because they have the quality to look good in most of them.
This is a neckline that leaves a bare shoulder giving a share of sensuality and feminism.
Some designs may have only one or both sleeves, and in the case of summer designs was not provided.

The choice will depend on your tastes and preferences, but also recommended that you opt for a wedding dress with sleeves if you do not have toned arms or for some reasons you hide.

For your bust measurement problem do not have to make as these dresses with asymmetrical neckline look good both ways.

A style that fuses classic and modern, perfect for women who love to innovate and receive the praise of all.

Another great quality that we can point to them is the way in which molds the body and shape the body, making the bride look more tall, slim and slender.

The best thing is that it is a fashion design, if you visualize the wedding dresses catalogs 2012 - 2013 in all these proposals really are present.