Fashion Point: The worst that some women use to end up with someone

Friday, December 13, 2013

The worst that some women use to end up with someone

The breaking process is always uncomfortable and weird no matter what so determined you are.
Some forms to complete are obviously better than others but that does not mean that many girls do not take them into account and make them without thinking about the feelings of others.

With this said, introducing the worst forms to break up with a guy.
Changing your Facebook relationship status: there is nothing wrong to update your social network after you finish with your boyfriend but... and if you have not broken their relationship? This is definitely one of the worst ways to inform your trouser that you're single and no longer... YOUR Heartthrob. It's definitely more impersonal than a text message... and that is also painful.
By text message: really?, do a text message? Now on day we use our cell phones to make virtually everything but end up with your boyfriend should not be so easy or quick. In other words you're saying that what had imported you so much that you even wanted to pick up the phone to tell him. We know that face-to-face confrontation is uncomfortable and painful, but put in place, what would feel if they end up with you in this way?
Avoiding it: ^ ^ avoiding the boy is one of the worst ways to end up with someone; It is cruel and confusing for them, in addition only bring you trouble. Your guy doesn't know why you left answer calls so it will continue to insist until you have a real answer. If you decide to do it this way, you will have to wait several weeks until it finally disappears from your life... and bad form when everything would be easier if you openly tell him how you feel.
Force him to cut with you: is very difficult to be bad ending the relationship, even when you know that it is necessary. And it is that, knowing that you will break the heart someone feels as ugly as the victim. But it is important that you remember that being honest will help you do just that, although it hurts at the beginning. Is for this reason that you should not force the other person to do your work; treat him poorly, be rude and make you hate, will only make you see and feel bad.
Through a friend: ask your friend or one yours to tell him you want to finish with him is so cold and cruel than all previous ones. Obviously desperately seek the answer to all your questions... but you will never get them well. In addition to arruinarĂ¡s a great opportunity to get a beautiful friendship... ever thought about that?
In public: it will seem simple but cut him in public only will make you feel bad and you will regret it soon after. He will do anything to avoid a scene and you feel safer with people on your side, but... is it worth? Because in real life the breaks are emotional and usually end with tears so should first reflect what you're about to do.
With an infidelity: in all, this is the worst form of cutting someone: fooling you. Many girls are infidels to justify the reason why want to end their relationship, but would not realize the damage they cause? Because you are not only cutting it, but you're also doing it in the worst possible way.

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